Goreshade3 v Strakhov – Extraction

Managed to get a game in last Thursday at the local gaming club against a friend from afar while he was in town for work.  As I was super-prepared and left my zones etc at home, I randomly rolled up a scenario from those available with flags and objectives and got Extraction.

I pulled out a Goreshade3 list I’d put together from the models I have painted:

Goreshade, Lord of Ruin – WJ: +27
–    Deathjack – PC: 23
–    Barathrum – PC: 15

Wrong Eye – Wrong Eye & Snapjaw: 17
–    Snapjaw

Satyxis Raiders – Leader & 9 Grunts: 16
–    Satyxis Raider Sea Witch – PC: 3
Soulhunters – Leader & 4 Grunts: 18
Bane Warriors – Leader & 5 Grunts: 10

I’ll admit I’ve been a bit down on Goreshade3 since his transition from Mk2 to Mk3.  Did you know he lost Ghostly?

Min Bane Warriors have been a firm fixture in my Witch Coven list so decided to give them a go here to see if they can still be a functional 2nd wave behind the fast units in lists outside the Witch Coven.

Chris brought this list:

Kommander Oleg Strakhov – WJ: +28
–    War Dog – PC: 3
–    Behemoth – PC: 24
–    Devastator – PC: 14
–    Juggernaut – PC: 12

Kovnik Jozef Grigorovich – PC: 4
Ogrun Bokur – PC: 5

Battle Mechaniks – Leader & 3 Grunts: 3
Iron Fang Uhlans – Leader & 2 Grunts: 12
Winter Guard Rifle Corps – Leader & 9 Grunts: 13
–    Winter Guard Rocketeer – PC: 2
–    Winter Guard Rocketeer – PC: 2
–    Winter Guard Rocketeer – PC: 2
Greylord Ternion – Leader & 2 Grunts: 7

Rifle Corp + Rockets and Joe are a fearsome firebase in any list, and those heavies charge a LONG way with Strakhov’s Feat and Superiority.

Unrelated specifically to the game I have to share a shot of Chris’ Juggernaut shoving a lamp-post out of the way, cool already, but the lamp-post is lit up too!


We rolled off, Chris won the roll off and opted to go first, I stuck with my side.  Deployment ended up like this (green base in the centre of the table is a hill):



Chris’ first turn consists of the Rifle Corp running up outside run-to-engage range of the Soulhunters.  Devastator gets Superiority and takes point.  Sentry goes on Behemoth.  Uhlans decide Satyxis are a poor match-up for them and hurtle back central to be the 2nd wave.

Goreshade throws Infernal Machine on Deathjack, Occultation on the Soulhunters, and Scything Touch on Barathrum (Dark Shroud assisted Counter-Charges could be a thing?).

Soulhunters run up on the left outside walk-and-shoot range of the Rifle Corp, being outside 11″ but within 14″ I figure I can either push them back or get them to commit to jam duty instead of gunline duty.

Raiders take Force Barrier and run up on the left with the Bane Warriors in support.  Deathjack runs 16″ off to the left flank now the Uhlans have run away to threaten anything coming near the flag but being outside charge range himself due to the forest.

Wrong Eye & Snapjaw both Submerge to hold the centre.

End of both Turn 1’s:


Behemoth’s Sentry Shot drifts and blows up a Bane Warrior.  Upkeeps get Upkept (Resourceful is pretty good!).

Rifle Corp decide discretion is the better part of valor and back up outside the Soulhunters charge ranges.  Devastator runs up centrally on to the hill, I don’t take the bait to Counter-Charge (the other ‘jacks haven’t activated yet…).  Behemoth throws out a couple of shots but doesn’t hit anything with them that can be killed (Force Barrier is a godsend), and the Juggernaut positions for next turn.  Uhlans run back over to the flank now that Deathjack is trying to abuse that forest to hide.

Turn passes to me.  I don’t have guns so can’t play coy.  All 3 spells get upkept.  Both flags are empty so I can score 2, go balls deep, and see what happens.  Soulhunters take the flag on the right.  Barathrum 2-handed throws the Devastator back towards Strakhov’s lines to stop it having a go at killing Goreshade (post game note: Barathrum cannot 2-handed throw, lacking Open Fists!  The more you know.  In this instance a slam would have achieved the same thing so not too guilty a conscience!).  Snapjaw Submerges and tramples to the flag.  Raiders again take Force Barrier and jam as best they can, between the Raiders and the Bane Warriors I try to make it as awkward as possible for Chris to get a heavy into Snapjaw on the flag.  In hindsight I should probably have taken the flag with Deathjack as DEF 13 is better under Star Crossed…  Wrong Eye Submerges & Star Crossed and advances up, careful to stay outside a 4″ AOE targeted at anything nearby.  Goreshade casts Mockery of Life to bring back the unfortunate Bane Warrior that died.

I end my turn and score 2 CP’s.


Chris has plenty of targets of opportunity this turn, so it’s going to be a bumpy ride!  Rifle Corp get boosted attack rolls from Joe and take some pot-shots at Raiders, but their DEF 16 proves too much to open a lane to Snapjaw.  Uhlans charge into 2 of the Raiders, killing one of them and positioning to threaten my heavies next turn.  Juggernaut gets 3 Focus and Superiority and charges Barathrum, boosts the charge attacks, gets a Crit Freeze and takes off an arm, buys an attack with his last Focus and takes off Barathrum’s other arm.  Behemoth lobs a couple of shots in the direction of Wrong Eye but doesn’t clip him with either of the AOE’s.  Devastator contests the right flag (likely indefinitely…) while a Mechanik prevents me scoring on the left.


A sad Barathrum, Stationary with both arms crippled…


Similarly sad Soulhunters with an ARM 23 Clamjack on the flag they hoped to keep scoring on…


My jam proved effective and prevented Snapjaw getting killed off, time to see if he can stick it to Behemoth!  Goreshade again upkeeps all 3 spells.  Bane Warriors run, one standing next to Behemoth and the Uhlan to apply Dark Shroud whilst the others spread out.  Raiders take Force Barrier and kill the Mechanic in the way.  Wrong Eye advances up, Submerge and Star Crossed again.  As it turns out, Snapjaw is slow so can’t charge Behemoth, so charges the Uhlan next to him to get the extra movement, missing the charge on the Uhlan but putting 5 Dark Shroud assisted bite attacks into Behemoth, hurting him but not crippling anything meaningful.  Barathrum shuffles around the Juggernaut’s melee range to apply Dark Shroud to both the Juggernaut and the Devastator.

Soulhunters start charging into the Rifle Corp, Chris doesn’t take the bait to open up so I charge 2 into the Rifle Corp, the leader runs, and the last 2 charge into the Devastator.  One cranks his charge damage roll to nearly take the left arm off, whilst the others get to work on the Rifle Corp, repositioning into awkward spots.


No prizes for guessing what’s likely to happen to Snapjaw next turn…


Turn passes to Chris.  Greylords start by trying to spray down the Soulhunters jamming up the Rifle Corp but are unable to hit and/or kill the ones jamming, one outside combat dies.  Joe calls boosted attack rolls, and the Rifle Corp shuffle around to take some melee attacks either missing, or not killing.  Behemoth gets fixed up a little by the mechanics and, unsurprisingly, flattens Snapjaw without breaking a sweat.  Uhlans start swinging at Satyxis and Banes with the short-end of their Lances, turns out it’s not as dangerous as the business end.

Turn passes to me, Deathjack has 2 choices, either go and kill the Devastator or finish off Behemoth.  I couldn’t get nearly enough infantry into Behemoth to finish him off, and Behemoth is a threat to everything whereas the Devastator isn’t nearly as dangerous.

With that decided, Deathjack finishes off Behemoth.  Barathrum shuffles around to remain contesting the right flag being functionally useless with no arms.  Wrong Eye kills the contesting Uhlan, and with 3 Fury left… I should cast Star Crossed, right?  I forget that’s a spell on his card thinking he’s lost it with Snapjaw dead and instead boost an Influence to make a Rifle Corp kill another Rifle Corp.  Big success!  Soulhunters continue working on the Rifle Corp and making a nuisance of themselves while Deathjack is wrecking face.  With Behemoth dead, Goreshade advances up, throws Occultation on himself (unnecessary on the Soulhunters now) and repositions on to the left flag, feeling pretty safe with Barathrum between the Devastator and Goreshade, and nothing else likely to be in charge range.

3-0 to me.


Chris’ turn.  Greylords kill off the Soulhunter jamming up the Ogrun Bokur.  Said Bokur then slams Barathrum, landing it despite the modifier and slamming him 3″ away from the Devastator.  Strakhov casts Overrun on himself, easily shanking the Raider nearby to proc Overrun for the Devastator, who takes a free strike from the Soulhunter.  I take it, expecting little, but it turned out the Soulhunter was the “little cav that could”, cranking the damage roll to take off the left arm and the Devastator’s movement system to boot.

Being unable to charge, the Devastator still gets into Goreshade with an advance.  Once all is said and done, Goreshade is left on 7 boxes which would likely have been possible with a free charge (Strakhov feat) and a functional left arm.  Oops… cut that a bit too fine!


Deathjack gets allocated up to 5.  Bane Warriors take a run order with one making a point to stand next to Strakhov.  Goreshade activates, Mockery of Life to bring back a dead Bane Warrior next to Strakhov which he then feats on to stationary Strakhov.

Deathjack eats Strakhov, snacking for 3 after killing him!



Playing with 2 nearly fully painted armies looks great on the tabletop.

Other than that, I’m pretty sure that Infernal Machine Deathjack is my favourite Deathjack.  Casual SPD 8 heavy walking around with up to 5 Focus every turn.


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